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A Parent-Leader is more than a parent

The positive effects of the program are evident in the satisfaction expressed by Parent-Leaders. Through their testimonials, we can explore the depths of this satisfaction and the program's transformative influence.

The impact and influence of the program on the Parent-Leaders underscores our journey towards catalyzing positive change within each cohort member's life. These Parent-Leaders are working to improve their communities and environments. According to Chilove François, a current cohort member, he has transformed from someone who rarely interacted with his neighbors to a prominent community leader. Initially, he struggled with basic social interactions like greeting people and engaging with his community. His approach was one of isolation, with his doors often closed to those around him. However, the program's impact led him to prioritize community engagement and address harmful practices, such as corporal punishment and violence against children. By collaborating with community members, he advocated for and implemented strategies promoting positive discipline and nurturing child-rearing practices. In his words, “Before joining the cohort, I didn't know how to greet people in the community, let alone sit to talk to them. Now, as part of the Parent-Leader cohort, I've become a significant leader in my community.”

The Anseye pou Ayiti Parent-Leader Program is a transformative initiative that fosters sustainable changes in communities by strengthening the ties between parents and schools. It encourages parents to actively participate and take responsibility for not only their children's education but also for the broader learning environment within their communities. Many parents have shared that before joining the program, they were unaware of the importance of their presence and involvement in their local schools. The program has enlightened them on their crucial role in supporting school management and contributing as citizen leaders in their communities.

A standout testimony comes from Parent-Leader Marlène Casseus Joseph, who emphasized, "The school is a space where children should have the opportunity to express themselves freely." Inspired by this belief, Marlène, along with two fellow Parent-Leaders, Lorline Norescat and Denite Dericier, have been collaborating since 2022 to offer children in their community opportunities to engage in art, music, and to foster good behavior.

The impact of the Anseye pou Ayiti Parent-Leader Program extends beyond educational support within schools to fostering economic empowerment within communities. Parent-Leaders are instrumental in facilitating mutual aid and economic activities, aiming to assist other parents with financial responsibilities, particularly those related to their children's education and overall family well-being. A notable example is the initiative taken by Parent-Leader Viguel Almeus, who established an economic institution in his community. This endeavor was driven by his commitment, sparked upon joining the Parent-Leader cohort, to support his fellow community members economically. Almeus expressed his motivation, stating, "The way I can contribute to my community is by helping parents afford their children's schooling, ensuring that these children can, in turn, contribute to a better Haiti in the future."

The Anseye Pou Ayiti program is more than a training program, it focuses on nurturing personal growth, skill development, and a growth mindset among participants. It aims to catalyze community development and instill a sense of responsibility in Parent-Leaders towards not only their children but all children within their communities. The program emphasizes the role of Parent-Leaders in enhancing educational experiences and leveraging their influence to effect positive change in their children's schools and broader community life. Marie-Angelet Paulina, a Parent-Leader, encapsulates this perfectly: "A Parent-Leader is not just a parent to her own child but to every child in their community. If her child exhibits good behavior while other children do not, it reflects a missed opportunity for that Parent-Leader to positively influence those around her. Every time she overlooks the needs of other children in the community, she inadvertently contributes to their negative behavior."

A Parent-Leader serves as a catalyst for transformation within their community, leveraging their influence and impact to guide fellow community members towards positive outcomes. Through collaboration and actively increasing engagement, Parent-Leaders are instrumental in driving sustainable contributions aimed at fostering a thriving, peaceful, and safe society.


Sabrina Dieudonné