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Our Movement

Our Story

After four years of “listening tours” across rural Haiti, where educational inequity and social injustice are most glaring, APA launched a movement in 2013 to transform education. The movement is co-created with and co-led by community members with firsthand experiences of the systemic injustices they aim to dismantle.

APA engages entire communities with fellowship programs for teacher leaders, parent leaders, and school leaders. Today, over 600 civic leaders champion collective action and education systems based on local culture, customs, and history.


APA works with local civic leaders who are transforming Haiti's education system towards liberation, equipping generations of Haitians with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to achieve their full potential.


APA envisions a collective movement of local civic leaders working to decolonize education by centering the strength of Haitian history, culture, and identity — redefining leadership for us and by us.

What We Do

The APA Model

  • Teacher, Parent, and School Leader Recruitment
    magnifying glass over persona sketches
  • Immersion Training

    with classroom simulations

  • Coaching Sessions

    on holistic approaches to education

  • Professional Development

    focused on student-centered teaching techniques, and community leadership strategies

  • Community Activities

    (“konbits”, campaigns, programs, publications)

  • Student, Civic Leader, and Community-level Progress Monitoring
  • Goal:

    Enhanced student outcomes, civic leadership skills, and community engagement

Where We Work

Our Partner Communities