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Kisa ou swete pou Ayiti pandan pwochen jou sa yo?

I wish to see a Haiti where life flourishes. Where people can walk about without fear and that our streets are once again the “living room of the people”. I want to start smiling again without fear. When I breathe, I don’t no longer want to feel as though a truck has ran over my stomach. I want to live in a Haiti where I can make plans for my future!

This staff member’s biggest hope is to be able to simply live well in her country.

Another staff’s perspective is more on the patriotic side, where they share that they would hope that all political stakeholders can find some common ground, and that they can establish a government. For this individual, the solution is a negotiation that is done in unity.

They believe that, in order for the country to catch a break, political actors need to take accountability and work together.

Another, still, shares that they hope that communities can find common ground and that, for the gunfire to cease, for life to resume, which would allow for there to be elections.

One of the many bold women amongst our staff shares a proposition. Her proposition is for there to be a “reintegration” of the armed forces. She shares: “I hope that they find an opportunity to regroup the groups of armed people in the country to reinforce the army in our country or to at least neutralize the criminals so they lose power all together.

Nostalgia is very powerful! Many children have lost out on making cherished memories in these recent years. It is heartbreaking. Another citizen and staff member, shares that they would love to relive the great end-of-the year excitement that they once use to enjoy. They also hope to have a president that is in power who cares for the nation.

Stress and anxiety are exacerbating the already difficult situation. The climate of insecurity has fostered a lot of anxiety. Another staff shares their worries in regards to the situation that is deteriorating and shares their hope for reconciliation. They hope that the country regains its dignity without the interference of foreign entities. In their opinion, it is the the national interest that should take precedence.

  • I would hope to see a Haiti where there is safety, where school is conducted in Kreyòl and they hope for a president who is patriotic and elected according to the constitution.

  • I hope to live in a country where all citizens have equal rights, without discrimination.

Another staff member shares a similar notion of reconciliation: “I hope for all Haitians to have the opportunity to live in their country”.

The perspectives are many and they cover all sectors of society, but each showcase the a desire to see change in society.

  • My hope is to be able to re-engage in local tourism. I hope for health, education, and safety to be accessible for all Haitians. I hope that there is a collective of leaders that arises who can guide the country out of its current predicament.

  • I hope that those who will be in position to lead the country are educated, and I hope that those in government will not only focus on the responsibilities of the citizens but that they will also understand their role and responsibilities towards the citizens.

This staff member emphasizes education: “I hope that education can become a central foundation for developing honest citizens, where we learn to love and honor our nation profoundly”.

  • I hope for all Haitian citizens to take accountability for the current situation that is deteriorating on the daily. I hope for us to to collectively regain motivation to continue to live on this territory that our ancestors fought hard to leave behind for us.

To conclude, there are some staff members who invite us to cultivate love.

  • I hope for there to be a collective social awareness and love that takes place truly within the hearts of each and every person, and for us to understand the impact the love we can share with each other can help transform someone’s life.

Through these powerful perspectives, we realize all of the hope that these citizens have for their nation. And how, despite the current difficult circumstances, many still decide to continue to stick together!

Amidst the echoes of 'Hopes for Haiti' resonating across the globe, today, through the heartfelt voices of Haiti’s own leaders, we uncover the true essence of hope pulsating within its people. From the corridors of leadership to the bustling streets, their aspirations echo a resounding call for unity, security, and prosperity. These are not just hopes but blueprints for a brighter tomorrow, envisioned by the leaders Haiti deserves.