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Building on Excellence: An Inside Look at APA's Coaching Institute

The director of the Coaching Institute unveils the mission, vision, and strategies behind this transformative initiative. Delve deeper into what sets this institute apart in the realm of education, its unique approach to coaching, and its potential to revolutionize Haiti's educational landscape. Join us as we explore the driving force behind APA's commitment to excellence and lasting impact.

1. What is the rationale for setting up this Coaching Institute? In a world full of educational initiatives and programs, what makes this Institute different?

a) After several years (2015-2023) of experience in education, Anseye pou Ayiti has realized that coaching is a very important element. Its positive impact on Citizen-Leaders and communities convinces us that it is an area to invest in to accelerate the changes we dream of for the Haitian educational system. In this sense, APA's coaching approach is truly personalized to the coachee's needs. Coaching is the hallmark of the Anseye pou Ayiti program.

b) Coaching is a field that has not yet taken off in Haiti, but there is a need for it. Therefore, this institute will not only train coaches for the field of education. Coaches who graduate from this institute will have skills that will allow them to support professionals in other sectors as well.

2. Can you share with us more about the mission and vision of the Coaching Institute of Anseye pou Haiti?

This institute is part of phase 2 of the APA movement, where we are working to increase the impact of the classroom so it becomes visible in the communities because what is built in the classrooms must be reflected and visible in the communities. Thus, the vision of the Institute is derived from the general vision of the APA. The purpose is to create a national network of coaches that will enhance the improvement of teaching and learning in schools and impact the various existing sectors. Coaches will spread throughout the country to accelerate the change we need. As we participate in the efforts to ensure that every Haitian has equal access to quality education.

3. What role will the Coaching Institute play in transforming education in Haiti?

Coaching at APA aims not only to improve classroom work but also to develop Citizen-Leaders as agents of change. APA employs a transformational approach. In this way, Citizen-Leaders first experience and embody the changes they dream of, and then they assist learners in doing the same. This initiative, through the coaches, will support schools, communities, and other sectors across the country. It will prioritize education within the communities, focusing especially on quality education to revolutionize the educational system.

4. Can you share some information about the curriculum and the training program that the Coaching Institute will offer to the participants?

The content of this program is designed to help participants develop skills to collaborate with teachers and in sectors beyond traditional education. These participants will be professionals who either have a degree in Education or have attended Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS). The institute will further develop the skills acquired in the fields of pedagogy and adult education, enriched with coaching and leadership training. This program will span 4 years, divided into 2 years of training for the coaches followed by another 2 years of practical experience working in an APA partner school.

5. How does the Coaching Institute plan to measure and track the impact of its efforts to bring about positive change in the educational system on schools and communities in Haiti?

The institute's effectiveness will be assessed based on tangible outcomes. Various indicators will be evaluated, including student performance, the engagement of parents and other community stakeholders in school activities, and the participation of students in the community as agents of change.

6. What are your long-term goals and aspirations for the Coaching Institute as we approach the January 2024 launch?

APA envisions the Coaching Institute as a lasting and sustainable presence in the country. It aims for the Institute to persist in refining professionals equipped with the essential knowledge, skills, and mindset for enduring change. So that the Institute is not merely an additional theoretical entity, but a catalyst for transformational leadership within the community, driving genuine reform in Haiti's educational system.

7. How can educators and others interested in the Coaching Institute program stay informed?

We encourage all stakeholders to stay connected with us without hesitation. You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, particularly during recruitment periods. For the latest updates, keep in touch with the Institute through the APA website: If you have any questions, please contact us at or 50944802001.

8. What message would you like to send to everyone eagerly anticipating this program, and how can they play a role in its success?

Two key points to consider:

  1. To all professionals interested in joining this program, please don't hesitate to stay connected with us for the latest updates.

  2. To all stakeholders who wish to collaborate in the development of their communities and contribute to meaningful change, let's join hands to create an initiative that will be sustainable and act as a catalyst for genuine transformation. You can help/collaborate in any way you can, such as sharing your feedback, encouraging other professionals to apply to this program, etc. APA is for Haiti; it is for all Haitians.

*SL: Graduate of the Anseye pou Ayiti Program